Board Certification in Zoological Medicine
The American College of Zoological Medicine offers a certifying exam for vets who practice on non-domestic animals, with various subspecialties, such as general zoo medicine, wildlife medicine, aquatic medicine and avian medicine.

ACZM, American College of Zoological Medicine
Vets must achieve a certain level of academic and scientific achievement in order to take the exam. The requirements for board eligibility include five first author publications and successful completion of a three-year residency, an intensively mentored training program similar to a post-doc. Alternatively, a vet who has at least five years of practical experience and has worked with a board-certified mentor can also become board eligible.

The board certification exam covers all species and any medical problem, and it takes two days. We're never that smart again!


Veterinarians certified in zoological medicine use the abbreviation, DACZM, which stands for Diplomat of the American College of Zoological Medicine. Worldwide, this is a group of just 124 vets.

Sixteen of the twenty-eight contributing authors to The Rhino with Glue-On Shoes are board certified, including Lucy and Ted.